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21 Months of Baby K

“Done properly, parenting is a heroic act.” — Edna Mode

Happy November! I hope you’re enjoying a great start to this year’s holiday season. ❤️

That word — season — has taken on such a different meaning for me as a mom. I’ve heard it used sooo many times to describe these precious days with a little one that it’s a cliche at this point.

But, I think it’s an apt word used for a good reason. It reminds me that almost every part of what’s hard about being a parent changes as my little one grows. And, more importantly, that each of these “seasons” ends up feeling too short and gone all too fast.

Maybe that’s the reason, with all the festivities beginning, Baby K’s 21st month feels like it snuck up on me.

Here’s a few highlights from this past month, followed by Baby K’s 21-month progress report:


We had a wonderful time celebrating Halloween and alllllll the pumpkin- related things this year. 😊

Baby K dressed up as a brown bear and we went to our local “Mall-oween” event, made a stop at a friend’s house in our neighborhood to practice trick-or-treating, and visited several relatives, too.


Fire Station Tour:

We took a fun tour of a local fire station with the MOMS Club. Baby K had a blast exploring the big red trucks!


Baby K also got to play in snow for the very first time!!


And, if you couldn’t tell from my opening quote, we finally found time to watch Incredibles 2! 😍

It’s been a pretty awesome month of fun with Baby K!

With that said, here’s Baby K’s 21-month progress report:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Weight/Height: I haven’t weighed Baby K myself at home, but I know he’s growing (he was 24.2 lbs/33 inches tall at 18 mos.). He’s filling out his 2T clothes much more than just a few weeks ago, and I had to adjust the straps in his stroller recently.
  • Climbing: Baby K can climb a ladder and go down a slide all by himself now. He’s been getting plenty of practice at a few indoor play places we have locally. I’m definitely in hover-mama-mode each time he does this, because he’s still a bit wobbly when climbing and sometimes goes to step off the slide before he sits all the way down. 😅
  • Speech: Baby K is talking!! 🙌🏼  In addition to his animal sounds, he’s recently added:
    ~ Apple 🍎,
    ~ Up ⬆️,
    ~ Bye Bye 👋,
    ~ Uh-oh 😯,
    ~ Yummy 😋,
    ~ Hot 🔥,
    ~ Rainbow 🌈,
    ~ Hat 🎩,
    ~ Light 💡,
    ~ and All Gone ✨
    In the meantime, I did end up calling our local early intervention office. The rep I talked with told me that between 18 and 24 months, toddlers should have at least 10-14 words. At 24 months, though, the norm is 200 words! (I guess they don’t call it a “language explosion ” for nothing!) Because Baby K is within 10-14 words, the plan is to check back at the start of the new year depending on his progress.
  • Sleep: While Baby K is sleeping really well lately, his timing has shifted in a weird-to-me way.
    With the fall time change, I thought we’d be dealing with too-early wake-ups and earlier bedtimes. But, Baby K has shifted sleep to even later than before, going to sleep after 8 p.m. and waking up after 7 a.m. He’s also shifted his nap to between 1-3 p.m. most days. It works, so I’m not complaining. I was just surprised. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Teeth: I do think Baby K has his 2-year molars moving down, because he’s had a little reoccurrence of drool-rash on his cheeks and I often find him chewing on his finger (he won’t use a teether, and I think it’s because none of the ones we have can reach to the back where he needs relief 😕). We also recently bought Baby K a little step-stool and a faucet extender so that he can brush his teeth at the bathroom sink with us. (Before, we’d just let him brush his teeth in his highchair after meals.) I think he’s really enjoyed this little bit of a big-boy transition. 😊IMG_5388

Favorite Activities and Toys:

  • Books, Blocks, Puzzles – these continue to be his favorites.
  • Because I’ve read that pretend play will be appearing around the 2-year mark, I’m trying to focus on those types of activities when planning gifts for Christmas and his upcoming birthday in February. If you have any tried-and-true suggestions, please send them my way.

Meal Time

Mealtime has been a bit less messy lately. Baby K is using a spoon really well now, and I can give him yogurt, fruit, and applesauce cups without too much fear that they will end up on the floor. It does still happen, but it isn’t as inevitable as it used to be. 🙄

His appetite is still all over the place, and some days I worry about how little he seems to eat. But, he’s soooo energetic and growing, so I just remind myself that he’s doing all right (along with myself!).

Well, that’s it for Baby K’s 21-month post for now. If you’re interested, you can read more about Baby K’s progress here

In the meantime, take care. 🙂

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20 Months of Baby K

“Silence is golden — Unless you have a toddler. In that case, silence is very, very suspicious.” — Unknown

It seems unreal that, here I am, typing up Baby K’s 20-months post! I’m already starting to think about his 2nd birthday party, and it’s even more unreal that momentous day is just around the corner. I know the upcoming holidays will make it feel like it’s here in a flash!

And, I have to say, at 20 months, we’re definitely keeping all eyes (and ears!) on Baby K these days!!


Since my 18-month post, some of our babyproofing has proved to be no match for Baby K. His reach has expanded and he’s starting to get clever enough to get into whatever he desires. He’s also starting to try climbing to get where he wants. 😫

And, on another topic: I know it’s not a huge deal, but I’m starting to feel a lil’ silly using months when people ask how old Baby K is. I’ve been catching myself when I use months, and amend to say “so, a little over a year and a half.” I guess it’s time to start rounding. 😉

With all that said, here’s Baby K’s 20-month (a-little-over-a-year-and-a-half 🤣) progress report:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Weight/Height: ??? … He was 24.2 lbs/33 inches tall at his 18-mo checkup. (And, it seems so strange that we don’t have another checkup appt. to go to until 2 yrs.!!) He’s currently wearing a mix of 18- and 24-month & 2T clothes (still with room to grow into). And, oddly enough, some of his 12-month fall jackets and hoodies he wore last year still fit!! So, I’m glad I tried them on him, instead of assuming he sized up. 🙌🏼
  • Speech: Baby K has made a tiny bit of progress with new “words,” adding a few animal sounds into the mix of babble he’s so good at. 🤗 He started saying “moo,”  “bock bock,” & “meow” when asked what cows, chickens, and cats say (and sometimes when seeing pictures of them). 🐮🐔🐱 He’s working on “woof woof,” too. So, I’m on the fence about calling early intervention at this point, since he’s making progress and we’ve heard from so many other people that their littles didn’t begin talking until closer to two years old. I do have the contact info for our local office, just in case he hasn’t shown more progress by this time next month.
  • Receptive Language: Because I know Baby K is understanding so much of what we say, I try to add in simple descriptions when talking to him. For example, when he’s looking for a specific toy, I’ll say: “I see it under the chair.” or “It’s by the orange ball on the floor.” It’s so fun seeing how much he really does understand.
  • Sleep: Baby K’s sleep issues from around 18 months have gotten better. He’s not fussing as much at nighttime, though he sometimes still wakes up throughout the night. Paci weaning went ok using the cutting method, but he still likes to hold on to it at night. His single nap has stayed at around 2 hours in the afternoon. 😴
  • Teeth: Baby K has all of the teeth that he should have at his age, including his first molars and canines, and I think there is a chance he might already be teething from his 2-year molars. Baby K seems to never have much of a break from teething, poor kid. 🤤

Favorite Activities and Toys:

  • All. The. Books! + Blocks, puzzles, and shape sorter. Not much has changed here from 18 months. These activities continue to keep Baby K happily occupied for awhile. Something new, though, is that I’ve been repairing quite a few board and flap books lately with clear packing tape. 😫IMG_4920Baby K does not know his own strength.🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Coloring. Coloring is an activity we’ve tried for a while now, but just in the past month Baby K has started to “ask” for his crayons by pointing to where we keep them. He’ll happily sit and make marks with the crayons. 🖍Coloring book paper tears too easily for him, and he makes such large arcs, so I like to get big poster board sheets for him to draw on and we reuse the same sheet several times until the white space is used up.  image
  • Music and Dancing: Where we find music, we’ll likely find Baby K dancing. 🕺🏻He loves a good beat!! He’s also become a big fan of the maracas, too. There was a picture of the instruments in one of his picture books, so I pulled up a YouTube video to show him how they work. Later, I found a toy pair for him to play with, too. He loves shaking and rattling around the house with them.
  • We are bursting at the seams with toys, it seems. So, a toy purge has been on my mind lately, but I just don’t know where to start. (If you have tips, please let me know!) We currently cycle between three different totes full of toys to keep things fresh and fun for Baby K, but I want to start weeding some of them out. If I figure out a good method for doing this, I’ll post about it. 😊

Road Trip!!

We recently took a fall family road trip to Schaumburg, Ill., and the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Ill.

I think it was our most enjoyable trip yet! It was so much fun, and we found a variety of fun activities for Baby K.

I’m mentioning this because I think 20-months is probably the perfect age to plan a trip around things your little one will enjoy. Baby K had so much fun, and withstood our busy pace of travel extremely well!

I’ll write up a separate post for all that we did, but here’s a photo sampling:

Bison’s Bluff Park (Schaumburg):

Morton Arboretum (Lisle):

Woodfield Mall / Cream Bar, Streets of Woodfield (Schaumburg):

Well, that’s it for Baby K’s 20-month post for now. If you’re interested, you can read more about Baby K’s progress here

In the meantime, take care. 🙂

Fall Fun with Baby K

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hi. I hope this post finds everyone well!

Baby K and I are all recovered from our colds, and are enjoying lots of fall family fun at local pumpkin patches! 🎃

I can’t help but anticipate this time of year! And, it’s been made even more enjoyable since Baby K is at such a fun age for these trips to the pumpkin patches.

He loves pushing the wagons and seeing all the pumpkins. He also delights in seeing the animals at the petting zoos that some of the patches have.

Baby K also got to try his first apple cider slushie, and looooved it! 🍎

We’re getting ready for a weekend road trip to visit an arboretum and a few other fun places. I can’t wait to see more of the fall colors and explore all there is to do with Baby K! 🍃🍂🍁

fall fun | leaves | pumpkin patch | trips with toddlers | autumn | it's fall y'all
Fall Fun with Baby K!

What are your family’s favorite fall activities? Do you have any fall traditions?  I hope you’ll share in the comments.

In the meantime, take care! 🙂

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A Typical Day with Baby K at 18 Months Old

Hi, all!

Baby K and I are down with a cold, so in between saline nose drops for him, tea and honey for me, and sitting in the bathroom with a steamy shower running, we’re spending a lot of time taking it easy, snuggling in the rocking chair, and watching cartoons on PBS. 🤧

With this downtime, I decided it’s a good time to write up a summary of what a typical day has been like at home with Baby K at 18 months old.

I also read back through the recap from when Baby K turned one. It’s crazy to look back and see how much has changed! (So long, multiple naps, puréed food, and bottles! 👋)

Here’s what our daily life has been like lately:

Mornings with Baby K

Wake up: 6:30 a.m.

We let Baby K wake up when he chooses, and more often than not he wakes around 6:15/6:30 a.m.

Once Baby K is up, we hang out in the living room and cuddle for a bit.

Breakfast: 7 a.m.

I’ll start to get breakfast ready for us by around 7 a.m., while his daddy gets ready for work.

After breakfast, Baby K gets to play while I clean up the kitchen and get myself ready for the day.

Baby K keeps busy with his Melissa & Doug refrigerator magnets, toy broom, special kitchen cabinet, or books and toys. Some days, I’ll turn on Curious George or Daniel Tiger while I get ready.

Play/Stroller Walk/Run errands: 8:30-10:30 a.m. 

Then, we’ll run errands or go to a story time or the park. Some days, I try to get a good stroller walk in for exercise for me. Other days, I’ll take him to a local play center or meet up with the MOMS Club for play dates.


Morning Snack/Quiet Time: 10:30 a.m. 

Usually by 10:30 Baby K is ready for a snack. (I’ve tried offering a snack earlier than this, but he’s usually not interested.)

After snack, we’ll have some quiet time playing with blocks, puzzles, or reading books before nap.

Middays with Baby K

Nap Time: 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

The late morning and early afternoon (usually from 11:30 – 2:30) is taken up with nap time! 🙌🏼

It’s during this time that I’ll eat lunch, do more cleaning around the house or fold clothes, and then take time to relax and read a book until Baby K wakes up.

Afternoons/Evenings with Baby K

2:30 p.m. Lunch

Once Baby K wakes up, he has lunch. This differs from most other stay at home mom schedules that I’ve seen, as far as the timing for lunch goes. But, Baby K has settled into a late lunch after his nap and he still seems to get a long, restful nap, so it’s not something I’ve tried to change.

Playtime: 3:30 p.m.

After lunch, Baby K has more playtime at home or we’ll go to the park.

Occasionally, Baby K will have an afternoon snack around 4 p.m. if his lunch was earlier than normal or he seems otherwise hungry, but this isn’t very often.

Baby K’s daddy gets home around 5:15 p.m., and I’ll start getting everything ready for dinner.

Dinner & Bedtime Routine: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. 

After dinner, we have a very simple bedtime routine that includes turning down the lights, no noisy toys, bathtime some nights, and watching Wheel of Fortune –> seriously, Baby K loves it and will sit quietly in my lap while we watch it. Baby K even claps with the contestants and waves “bye bye” back to Vanna White at the end of the show (it’s so cute!). Then, we’ll read some books until he’s sleepy enough and starts rubbing his eyes.

Bedtime for Baby K: 7:30/8 p.m. 

After Baby K is asleep, it’s quiet time for my husband and me. Our house is on the smaller side, so to avoid waking Baby K we’ll read or watch TV shows we don’t mind watching with the sound turned down low and closed-captioning on.

I’m usually asleep by 10 p.m., until it’s time to wake up and do this all over again. 😊

Let’s hear from you!

What does a typical day with your little one(s) look like? Please share with me in the comments!

In the meantime, take care! 🙂

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18 Months of Baby K

“To every child – I dream of a world where you can laugh, dance, sing, learn, live in peace and be happy.” — Malala Yousafzai

And, just like that, Baby K has celebrated his second half-birthday!

18 months! Where did they go???

I so enjoy seeing how much excitement and joy Baby K gets out of life, and how much he continues to learn every day.  And, it’s more and more noticeable how much of an influence that his daddy and I have on him. This is such an amazing (and scary!) realization.

This realization (and, admittedly, maybe a few too many episodes of Daniel Tiger 🐯 ) has made me want to be a better person.

I can so easily see myself reflected in my little guy. It’s incredible! My biggest hope is that his world stays full of laughing, dancing, singing, learning and peace and happiness.

With that said, here’s Baby K’s 18-month progress report:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Weight/Height: 24.2 lbs/33 inches tall.
  • Climbing: Baby K is keeping me on my toes! He’s getting braver with stairs, steps, and now playground equipment, too! 😅
  • Speech: Baby K is still not adding any new words. At our 18-month wellness visit, our pediatrician said that little ones will go through “language spurts” of a sort, just like they have growth spurts. She encouraged us to keep talking and reading with him throughout the day. His babbling seems to be more complex, though, for lack of a better way to explain. And, he “sings” a lot now. I feel like words are right on the tip of his tongue. I plan to reach out to our pediatrician around 20 months if Baby K hasn’t improved with words at that time.
  • Receptive Language: I have no worries right now about Baby K’s receptive language. He continues to surprise us with what he understands. This has been so helpful lately with avoiding crying and tantrums when transition between activities, too. I’ll try to let him know a few minutes before we need to clean up toys or leave the park, so that he understands and will be more prepared when it’s time to go.
  • Sleep: We’re having lots of sleep issues lately, which has been rough and I hope are short-lived. Baby K’s bedtime lately has been pushed later to around 7:30 p.m., and he’s waking earlier around 5:30 a.m.
    I think we’re in the 18-month sleep regression, because he’s resisting bedtime and waking a lot at night. But, we’re also trying to gradually ween from his nighttime paci and teething has been in full swing, too.
    For his paci, we’ve been using the cutting method, cutting a hole in the paci little by little. We’re at two weeks with that now, and he’s slept great the past two nights. I hope we’re close to him not needing it at all.
    His single nap has thankfully been going more smoothly, and usually lasts at least 2 hours. 😴
  • Teeth: Baby K has 16 teeth now: his four center teeth on top and bottom, first molars on the top & bottom, and all canines (which gave him probably the worst teething pain he had of them all). 😬

Favorite Activities and Toys:

  • Books, books, and more books. Books continue to be Baby K’s #1 favorite activity. He loves to look at them and have me and his daddy read to him.
  • Blocks, puzzles, and shape sorter. Baby K is finally able to stack blocks before knocking them down! And, he’s having fun with chunky puzzles and a barn-shaped shape sorter. These have been great for him to practice hand-eye coordination and are challenging for him to match up the shapes. His favorite shape right now is the circle because that is the easiest for him to match up to the holes!
  • Exploring. Baby K continues to be my little explorer. We stay busy with walks and lots of trips outside to wander. One of his favorite trips recently was exploring a local empty baseball field! He loved hopping on and off of the pitchers mound.

Meal Time

There’s nothing too new with Baby K’s mealtime, except that we have seen a decrease in him throwing food on the floor once he’s done. He’ll sometimes now hand it to us instead, so I take that as a win. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Two of his consistently favorite dinners are the lentil pasta from Birds Eye (the Veggie Made™ Rotini Marinara) with garlic bread, and grilled cheese sandwiches. His favorite vegetables are sweet potatoes and green beans, and he loves all types of fruit. He also LOVES graham crackers and fig bar cookies. Other things he’ll like one day and not touch the next. I never can tell.

Well, that’s it for Baby K’s 18-month post for now. If you’re interested, you can read more about Baby K’s progress here

In the meantime, take care. 🙂

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My Favorite Low-Cost Iced Coffee Hack

It’s been about a year ago that I talked about how it can be hard to stay on a smaller budget as a new stay at home mom in my post Three Stay at Home Mom Truths: From a Newbie.

One expense I needed to minimize was my coffee habit — more specifically my super-sized iced coffee / cold brew addiction.

I looked up a few at-home DIY iced coffee and cold brew recipes, knowing that this would save money.

  • The Pioneer Woman method for Perfect Iced Coffee seemed pretty popular. That recipe can be found online here.
  • There is also a cold brew recipe by Jamie Oliver that can be found here.

But, honestly these recipes seemed a bit complicated for my taste … Or, really I’m just a bit lazy to make too much of an effort for iced coffee. It’s the step for straining the coffee grounds that always seems overly messy/complicated to me.

Then, one day I received a free sample of the Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Coffee Packs, and inspiration struck!

I realized I can make my own mess-free cold brew coffee packs at home, using loose leaf tea filter bags and the same basic ideas that the Pioneer Woman and Jamie Oliver methods use!

If you want a couldn’t-be-easier way to make iced coffee like I did, you’ll love this super-simple iced coffee hack!

iced coffee | cold brew | DIY iced coffee | budget | low cost iced coffee | make cold brew at home
~Super Easy Cold Brew~

My Favorite Low-Cost Iced Coffee Hack

All you’ll need to gather are:

  • a pitcher
  • your favorite coffee grounds
  • large loose leaf tea filter bags (if you don’t find these in your local stores, they can be purchased online)
  • 4 cups of water, plus 2-3 cups of water
  • cream, milk, sugar, flavored syrups (if desired)

Then, follow these steps to make your iced coffee!:

  1. Pour coffee grounds into at least two loose-leaf tea filter bags, filling to about half-way (Note: You can add additional filled tea bags to create a stronger coffee. And, I use an empty coffee mug to help keep the open filter bag stable and catch any spilled grounds.)
  2. Gently, twist the top of each filter bag and tie a knot in the top — then, place inside the pitcher.
  3. Pour 4 cups of water over the filled and knotted filter bags.
  4. To “brew,” refrigerate overnight or for 8 – 12 hours.
  5. Once the mixture has had time to brew, remove the tea bags and add an additional 2-3 cups of water (depending on how strong you want your coffee to be).
  6. Fill a glass with ice and cold brew. Add cream, milk, sugar, or flavored syrups to your liking.
  7. Enjoy!

This mixture has lasted in the refrigerator at least five days for me before I use it all up, but I’m sure it can last longer (the Pioneer Woman’s recipe states hers is good for at least three weeks to a month when kept tightly covered in the refrigerator).

If you try this iced coffee hack, please let me know how it turned out for you and your favorite coffee grounds and preferred coffee/water ratio to use!

In the meantime, take care 🙂


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C is for Curious: Baby K at 17 Months Old!

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” ~ Walt Disney

Baby K and I have been keeping so busy this summer! Which is necessary, because Baby K is constantly up to something and it’s better to keep him happily occupied than not.

At 17 months, his curiosity is booming!

~Water Table Play~

And, with all of that curiosity, it’s been so fun seeing Baby K’s delight at discovering the world around him and the excitement that all varieties of the random things bring him.

One example: Sofa skirting.

Yep! My husband had Baby K cracking up the other night as he flipped up and down the skirting of our sofa. My husband would flip the skirt up and say “open!” and then flip it down and say “shut!” Baby K thought this was hilarious, and got a kick out of peeking under the couch when the skirt was flipped up.

~”Open!” “Shut!”~

Who knew a couch could provide so much fun and entertainment? I’m excited to see what’s next!

In keeping things real, though, this has also been the most patience-stretching span of time I think I’ve ever experienced. Because: Toddler tantrums and general crankiness is no joke.

It’s amazing how quickly little ones learn to stiffen up and arch their backs when they don’t want to cooperate. From diaper changes to buckling into the car seat when it’s time to go home, when little dude doesn’t want to do something, he lets you know with spectacular flair.

Baby K can switch gears from a charming little munchkin to a royally royal pain with a quickness.

And, somehow, the tough moments are always more than balanced out by the good ones. This is what I’m thankful for … well, that and coffee and nap/quiet time.

With that said, here’s the rest of Baby K’s 17-month progress report:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Weight/Height: My husband and I have both commented about how much Baby K seems to have grown in height, and his too-short size 12 months pajama pants was a tell-tale sign of a growth spurt. He’s officially in mainly size 18 months clothing now.
    At his 15-month wellness checkup, he was 32.5 inches long. I’m guessing he’s at least grown another inch? His weight was 23 lbs. at 15 months, which was a decrease in percentile from 70th to 52nd.
    While his weight seems average and healthy to me, the dip in percentile was something to watch. We’ve been watching calorie intake closer, and I’m anxious to see what the increase in weight is at his 18-month appointment.
  • Climbing: Baby K still hasn’t started climbing on furniture yet (and I’m totally OK with this!), but he loves climbing up stairs and playing on small ledges.
    One favorite activity of his right now is to take the top off of a small storage ottoman we have and stand on top of it! It’s only a few inches off of the ground, but he loves stepping onto and off of it.
  • Talking/Babbling: I’m a bit frustrated to say that I still only have clearly understood “mama” and “dada.” And, I think he says some sort of “ana” for banana. I’ve only caught that one a handful of times from him, and I’m just so anxious for new words that I think it might be my own hopefulness that that’s what he’s saying.
    Baby K has become increasingly animated when talking, though, and I can sense frustration at times from him when trying to communicate with us.
    He will point and jab while babbling away at many things to communicate with us, and I’m amazed at how much we do understand that way.
    From the variety of articles and forums I’ve read about language development in toddlers, it seems that boys can take longer to talk and that Baby K is still somewhat within the range of normal development — some babies just take longer to talk.
    So, I’m just trying to mom-chill, and it’s definitely something we’ll bring up at our 18-month wellness visit.
  • Receptive Language: I have no worries right now about Baby K’s receptive language. He continues to surprise us with what he understands.
  • Sleep: Baby K seems to have pushed his bedtime later, and has been sleeping from about 7 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. His single nap usually lasts at least 2 hours.
~Nap Time~
  • Teeth: Baby K has 10 teeth now: his four center teeth on top and bottom, and a molar on each side on the bottom. His first upper molars have also started to break through.
    We’ve been consistent with letting Baby K “brush” his teeth after at least one meal each day. I mainly let him hold/play with one that’s just wet, while I try to brush with another that has a small smear of toothpaste. If he’ll let me at least swipe through once or twice, it’s a success. 😁

Favorite Activities and Toys:

  • Reading Books: Baby K is obsessed with books and loves to bring us books to read to him.
    ~We LOVE the Disney Babies books~

    He has a select few favorites that he seems to prefer (mainly picture books right now, but he also seriously loves the old Disney Babies Weekly Reader books from the 1980’s which I’m having fun searching for at old book stores).

  • Playing outside: We’ve had a handful of beautiful summer days lately, so we’re loving all the opportunities of playing outside. Baby K loves trips to the park, where he gets to be a little explorer and pays little attention to playground equipment (with the exception of the merry-go-round and swings).
    ~My Little Wanderer~

    At home, he’s a big fan of the water table he can play with on our deck. I’ve added a random assortment of sand shovels, small cups, and sponges that he can splash around in it with.

  • Refrigerator Magnets: Baby K is obsessed with these animal magnets from Melissa & Doug (this is not sponsored, I’m just adding the link for helpfulness). While small magnets that can be accidentally swallowed are not safe for children, these Melissa & Doug ones are age-appropriate and safe to play with. They keep him entertained for a good little bit while I’m getting his meals or snacks ready in the kitchen.
    ~Refrigerator Magnets~
  • Park District Play Group: In my previous post, I mentioned that I enrolled Baby K in a weekly kids’ play program (for baby and parent) through our local park district. It was a six-week program, and he was in a session with about nine other children ages 16-26 months. This was such a wonderful experience, and Baby K had so much fun. He got to choose from a variety of different age-appropriate activities, including crafts, a reading corner, a ride-on train, playing with play dough, a water table, and all sorts of push-toys. IMG_3357
    At the end of each session, we had a brief circle time to close out the morning. Baby K’s favorite was playing with the push toys, closely followed by play dough.

Meal Time

Baby K eats on his own and is getting better and better at correctly eating from a spoon, (but is still soooooo messy). 🙂

I never know what kind of appetite he’ll have from day to day, though. He will eat like a bird some days, and has a hearty appetite on others.

He will drop his food on the floor when he’s done. We need to work on this.

~”I’m done, so let’s throw ALL the food on the floor”~

We had success transitioning from his bottles, and he has 6 oz. of milk in a sippy cup with all of his main meals. Then, I let him have water in a Munchkin weighted straw cup throughout the rest of the day and with snacks.

Well, that’s it for Baby K’s 17-month post for now.

It seems like every day lately Baby K is making a new discovery, so I can’t wait to share our 18-month update.

If you’re interested in reading more, check out Baby K’s additional progress reports here

In the meantime, take care! 🙂