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A Typical Day with Baby K at Almost 1 Year!

Hi, all!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’d decided to write about what a typical day has been like lately for me and Baby K. And, truthfully, I’ve been struggling to write it because our days lately have seemed everything but on a typical schedule.

When Baby K was six months old, we seemed to be following the EASY schedule:

  • Eat
  • Activities (play)
  • Sleep + You time

At almost one year old, our days have not been as “easy.” Not to say that the days are hard. They just haven’t been as predictable. But, I also haven’t been actively trying to stick to scheduled days. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hopefully it’s still worthwhile to share what our days are like, though, because I think this is a normal age for the timing and order of eat/play/sleep to shift a little bit.

Soooo … This is my experience lately as a stay at home mom with an almost 1 year old (in one short week!!):

Mornings with Baby K

We let Baby K wake up when he chooses, and lately that can be anywhere between 5:30 and 7:30 a.m. On days that he wakes early (5:30 a.m.), we’ll try to lay him down again and see if he sleeps longer. Sometimes he does; sometimes he doesn’t. 😴

Baby K gets cuddles and a diaper change first thing, and then his morning bottle (8 oz.).

After that is play time for Baby K, and he has breakfast about an hour later.

A typical breakfast is oatmeal with pureed fruit mixed in, and pieces of fruit and puffs or Cheerios on his tray that he can feed himself. Or, he’ll have a solid-food only meal of eggs; pieces of toast, pancake or waffle; and fruit (I’ve been trying to do this more often).

After breakfast, Baby K gets to play while I clean up the kitchen. Then, we’ll run errands or go to a story time. Some days, I’ll take him to a local play center for play dates.

Most days, Baby K has two naps, and his first nap will begin anywhere from three to four hours after he first woke up. His first nap can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, and I’ve noticed lately that the length of this nap will determine if he has a second nap of the day or not.

A longer nap of two hours most likely means that he will skip a second nap. Right now, I try to avoid waking him up at any certain length, and let him sleep as long as he wants.

Middays with Baby K

After Baby K’s morning nap, we will usually have a second bottle around 11:00/11:30 a.m. of 8 oz. He will play for a little bit more after that, and if we didn’t get out of the house in the morning, we do in the afternoon before his lunch. Lately, we’ve been taking a walk at the mall (since it’s been cold outside), and I’ll let him play in the mall play area for a little bit. Or, we’ll just run random errands.

Baby K’s lunch can be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours after his bottle. His typical lunch right now usually includes all solid-foods, such as small cubes of cheese; hard-boiled eggs; cooked veggies; pieces of toast or crackers; small bites of pasta; and fruit. Sometimes I’ll include yogurt, and feed that by spoon.

If Baby K takes a second nap of the day, it usually begins about 3.5 hours after he woke from the first one — beginning anywhere from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.

Afternoons/Evenings with Baby K

I try to give Baby K his afternoon bottle around 4:30 p.m. So, if he wakes up any earlier than 3:30 p.m., I’ll give him a snack with water to drink.

After that, he plays until dinner time. Dinner is usually between 5:30 and 6 p.m. We’ve been giving veggie and fruit purees with a few finger foods for dinner. I think we are close to transitioning to all finger foods for dinner — variations of whatever my husband and I are having for dinner.

Bedtime for Baby K falls between 6:45 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. lately.

On days that Baby K has only had one nap, the timing of his last bottle/dinner/bedtime is about a half hour earlier.

Let’s hear from you!

For other parents of similarly-aged babies out there, does this pretty much resemble the unpredictability of your days? Or, does a typical day with your little one(s) look completely different? If you stick to a schedule, what does your typical day look like? Please share with me in the comments!

In the meantime, take care! 🙂


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Baby K at 11 Months Old!

Hi all! I hope this post finds you well.

For myself, I have no idea where the past few weeks have went!

Last week I sent out Baby K’s first birthday party invites! We’re having a small party with family, and I’m so excited. But, as excited as I am, I do wonder how my emotions will be on the day of and the days leading up to his birthday. It’s amazing seeing him grow, but I do hope this time slows down a little bit. 🙂

And, in looking ahead to Baby K’s 12-month wellness visit, I decided to check out the Ages & Stages Questionnaire® (ASQ) for 12 months. My pediatrician’s office uses these, so I’ve been reading through it to have a better idea of the expectations for Baby K’s progress at one year, and ways my husband and I can help along Baby K’s development.

A lot of it seems to be repeats of what was included in the 9-month questionnaire, along with some new items. Baby K seems to still be behind with a few of these items (standing up in the middle of the floor or throwing a ball, for example), but I try not to worry so much. I know there is a big range for what is considered normal development with babies.

Anyway … here are the details for Baby K at 11 months:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Walking:
    Baby K took his first solo steps this weekend! He took three steps before falling. He seems a little hesitant to try it again, but he continues to do a lot of cruising along the edges of furniture, and likes to walk when holding onto our fingers or with his toy walker.
  • Words:
    Baby K is also showing that he can both say and understand a few words. He’s said mama and dada with meaning (but only a few times), and will turn his head to search until he spots his Mickey Mouse doll and a few other toys when he’s asked to. He will also turn the page of a book when asked to.
    The ASQ asks about responses to simple commands such as “come here,” “give it to me,” or “put it back.” We haven’t had any luck with those examples in particular. I’ve been working on “come here” with Baby K, but he does not respond to that one on his own yet. 😆
  • Sleep:
    Sleep has remained about the same as at nine months, sleeping through the night between 10 to 12 hours (with a few wake-ups here and there) and taking two naps most days.
  • Teeth:
    Baby K has 7 teeth now — four on top and three on the bottom. He seems to constantly be teething, though, so it’ll be interesting to see how soon another tooth pops through.

Favorite Activities and Toys:

  • We’ve been taking occasional trips to toddler-friendly play centers around town now. He especially enjoys watching other kids play, and loves to find a spot where he can stand up and cruise around whatever he can hold onto, while watching all of the action around him.
    One area that is tricky, though, is his interaction with other kids. He likes to touch faces, which makes it awkward when he wants to grab another child’s face. 😩 I’ve had to gently catch his hand a few times, and redirect his attention to somewhere else.

    11 months old
    ~ Baby K at Play ~


  • Baby K is still loving Itsy Bitsy Spider, and has a new favorite of Pat-A-Cake. When I say the last line of “Put it in the oven for baby and me,” I tickle his tummy. He anticipates that line now, and reaches for my hands before I tickle him. 🙂
  • He is still loving his walker/push toys and Leap Frog activity table. And, while it’s not meant to move, he will push his activity table all across the room, wherever he wants it.
  • He’s still not much into stacking toys or blocks, but he will chew on them or bang them together. I’ll also show him how to stack blocks, and he’ll knock my stack down. I’ve read that little ones will start putting things together and wanting to put items in baskets around this age, so we’re still waiting for that. 🙂

Meal Time:

Baby K has 3  bottles of formula during the day, each at 7 to 8 ounces (around 6:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 4:30 p.m. each day). We haven’t introduced whole milk yet, and will wait until our 12-month wellness visit before we do.

Baby K’s meals are about 1 hour after each bottle. One thing that I haven’t mentioned before is that Baby K has a vegetarian diet (my husband is vegetarian, and that’s important to him). So, I need to find ways to ensure adequate protein intake with his solid foods.

We’re still slowly transitioning away from purees and introducing more and more finger foods. And, while we’re making progress with that, he definitely doesn’t eat as much food when it’s a solid-food-only meal. Because of this, I do wonder if we should have instead started with baby led weaning, and avoided purees all together. But, the progress is there…

Meals are beyond messy, and we still don’t have much success with plates or bowls (Baby K mainly likes to wave them in the air or chew on them). I know and remind myself that it’s something that will get better with time, though. 🙂

  • Breakfast:
    On many days, I give Baby K oatmeal with pureed fruit mixed in, and set out pieces of fruit and puffs or Cheerios on his tray that he can feed himself. Baby K also gets his own spoon to hold and I feed him with a separate spoon.
    Lately, I’ve been trying solid-food breakfasts a few times a week, too. This includes eggs; pieces of toast, pancake or waffle; and fruit.
  • Lunch:
    Lunch is mainly all finger foods right now, with yogurt on some days that I’ll feed by spoon. I set out a plate with a few pieces of finger foods at a time for him to feed himself. I recently have been giving him Garden Lites Superfood Veggie Cakes that I found at Target. He has one of these with his lunch a few times a week, and really likes them. I want to try a homemade version since these have worked so well for him.
    Some other lunch items Baby K has tried are small cubes of cheese; hard-boiled eggs; cooked carrots, peas or sweet potatoes; pieces of toast or crackers; small bites of pasta; and oranges, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, or bananas.

    11 months old | Target Cartwheel Haul
    ~ Target Haul ~


  • Dinner:
    For dinner, he will still have mainly purees, and I’ll leave puffs or Cheerios on the tray for him to feed himself.
  • Snacks:
    Depending on how the timing of his afternoon nap falls, he’ll have a snack in the afternoon if there’s a long time until his next bottle. That will include fruit or cheese, and a sippy cup of water.

Baby K at 11 Months

So, that’s Baby K’s 11 month progress report for now! It’s hard to believe that with the next one, I’ll have a one-year-old! I’ll be sure to post all about his birthday party!

Let me know in the comments if you have any vegetarian baby tips, or tips in general as Baby K nears his first birthday!

And, if you’re interested, you can read all about Baby K’s progress for months 1 – 5 here, month 6 here, months 7 – 9 here, and month 10 here.

In the meantime, take care! 🙂

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Baby K’s DIY Car Seat Poncho

The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.” – Dr. Seuss

Baby K is getting big enough now that he’s close to outgrowing his infant car seat. The fact that this is coinciding with the cold winter weather had me wondering how difficult it was going to be keeping him warm while we’re out and about on cold days.

Here’s a sample of what we’d been dealing with at the start of the year!

And, I really don’t want to sit in the house all day — even on cold, cold, wet days. So, I was getting worried about all this cold and keeping Baby K warm.

And, bulky coats are a safety no-no with car seats, so the car seat straps can stay snug.

This isn’t a big deal when using his infant seat, because we can just tuck a blanket around him to keep him warm and cozy while we carry him inside from car.

But, if we start using his convertible car seat, we won’t be able to do that. And, I wasn’t looking forward to the struggle of getting Baby K in and out of a winter coat while inside the car.

Then, I saw a friend post about buying a car seat poncho from Etsy. And, it seemed like a great solution!

It was like a blanket, with a neck hole. You can slip it over your little one after they are safely buckled in their car seat. Straps stay snug, and baby stays warm. And, you don’t have to worry about the blanket sliding around as you carry baby outside in the cold.

I found a ton of tutorials for car seat ponchos on Pinterest, so I decided to make one. I have pretty basic sewing skills, and it proved to be quick and simple to put together. I was able to finish it during one of Baby K’s naps!!

Here’s the details:

  • I bought 1-yard cuts of two different designs of flannel: a plaid print for the outside, and llama print for the inside (I just couldn’t pass it up!😆).
  • I folded both pieces into quarters, and cut a rounded edge for the outsides of the fabric, and then at the folded corners, I cut a small quarter-circle for the neck hole.
  • I faced the two prints together, and sewed the edges together, save several inches to turn it inside-out.
  • The close-up pics below show how I closed up the neck hole, turning the edges inside to face each other, and then sewing together:

  • I did a top-stitch around all the edges to reinforce them.

And, here’s the finished car seat poncho!What are some of your warm-weather tips for kiddos? Let me know in the comments! Hope you’re all staying warm! 😎

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New Year, New Goals: January 2018

Wow! Happy New Year, everyone. 🙂

I hope the holidays treated you well and that the new year is starting off with feelings of optimism and excitement!

And, with the new year here, it’s time to set some new goals for the month!

January 2018 Goals:

I really like the idea I’ve seen lately of having one word as a New Years resolution, and thought I’d start doing that as a monthly goal. To start, my word for January will be Organize!

Baby K’s nursery used to be my craft/sewing/laundry-drying–rack room. Ha! So, when it was time to set up Baby K’s nursery, all of that stuff got shuffled into the computer room and most of it is still there. It’s now an entire room full of stuff that is sitting without a home, completely disorganized. I need to go through it all, decide if I really need to keep it, and find a home for it or get rid of.

I also want to try a different (more motivating) method for organizing my weekly to-do list, and will give an update once I have that all figured out.


Recap: December 2017 Goals

My December goal was to focus on small steps towards being healthier and boosting my confidence. And, more specifically:

  • Plan my time better, being mindful about how I spend it
  • Make more time for exercising, taking care of things around the house, and spending quality time with family and friends during the holidays
  • Find better balance overall, without focusing on worries or outside expectations

I feel like I really tried at doing this, and noticed a difference. I’ve especially realized that when I had a job, all the walking I was able to fit in during the day (including two breaks and my lunch hour) must have really added up to make such a difference exercise-wise.

So, I started to focus on getting in some extra steps at home whenever I can. For additional exercise during Baby K’s naps, I started doing the Leslie Sansone’s 1-Mile Happy Walk video that is on YouTube (which has been soooo easy to fit into my day!), and I also decided to start listening to podcasts while walking/cleaning around the house (Let me know of any podcast recommendations you have! First up for me is S-Town — have you listened to that one? I’ll let you all know what I think when I’m done).

Making more time for exercise was also helped by the December weather here, as it was very mild earlier in the month. Baby K and I took advantage with a few walks at the park. And, I’m really glad that we did because it’s been freezing here in the Midwest the past few days!!

When it was too cold to walk outside, we went to the mall a few times and walked laps. I made a point to take Baby K by the holiday display inside Sears a few times, too, to see this large inflatable set up of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, dressed in Christmas attire, several decorated Christmas trees, and these musical bells that would play as you walked by them. Baby K was fascinated by all of it. 🙂

As far as planning time better, I realized that I need to actually make plans with friends! I do get a little free alone time outside of the house, and it usually ends up being a weekend morning and I go wander around Target. But, while getting a break is great and needed, it’s not all that socially fulfilling. So, I want to try and schedule plans to meet up with friends (ones that don’t involve aimlessly wandering around Target). 🙂

I do hope the New Year is starting off well for you. Did you make any resolutions or set goals? Please share! I’d love to know, and root for you.

In the meantime, take care! 🙂

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Baby K: Starting the New Year at 10 Months Old!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We enjoyed a snowy Baby’s 1st Christmas here in the Midwest! ❄️🎄🌟🎄❄️


The holidays have helped this past month go by in a whirl, and Baby K turned 10 months old on the 22nd! Here is his latest progress report:

Developmental Milestones:

As I mentioned in my last progress report post, we were given a 9-month Ages and Stages Questionnaire ® to fill out at Baby K’s nine-month checkup. We had to check “not yet” for quite a few items, and it showed a developmental delay. Our pediatrician said a lot of those skills will surely be showing up over the next few weeks, and many of them did!

  • Right at 9 months, Baby K began pulling himself up to stand all by himself by holding on to furniture. He can now sit down and bend down to pick items up, while still holding on to something (or someone).
  • Baby K is also taking steps! He can walk with his toy walker, along the edges of furniture, and when holding onto our fingers.
  • Sleep has remained about the same as at nine months, sleeping through the night between 10 to 12 hours (with a few wake-ups here and there) and taking two naps most days.
  • He has 6 teeth now — four on top and two on the bottom.

Favorite Activities and Toys:

  • Baby K really loves to clap now, and it’s so fun to watch him do it. It’s seriously the cutest! He’s also a really big fan of Itsy Bitsy Spider, and pays close attention when I sing and do the hand motions for him.
  • Along with his activity walkers, he absolutely loves his Leap Frog activity table. It keeps him busy, standing at it and pushing all the buttons.
  • For Christmas, I bought a few stacking toys for him. So far, he just likes to chew on most things. 🙂

Introducing Finger Foods:

Baby K has 3 to 4 bottles during the day of 7 to 8 ounces each.

At nine months, I decided to try transitioning away from purees and introducing finger foods. This is still a work-in-progress and, admittedly, a very big lesson in patience for me.

Using plates and bowls with Baby K seems pointless right now, as he likes to wave them in the air or chew on them. Food usually goes flying.


I keep telling myself that this is all part of the learning for him, a phase that will pass, and surely something I’ll miss at least a little bit once he’s older. 😬

So, to help reduce the frustration-factor for me, I decided to start with giving finger foods (other than puffs) at his lunch meal and work up to offering them at additional meals as he gets used to feeding himself.

  • For breakfast, he usually has oatmeal and pureed fruit and puffs that he can feed himself. I use a suction-cup bowl on his tray, and give him his own spoon and I feed him with a separate spoon. Currently, he really only chews on the spoon that he gets to hold, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to let him get used to holding one and he’ll catch on at his own pace.
  • For lunch, he has third stage Gerber vegetable puree w/ mashable chunks, and I also set out a plate with a few pieces of finger foods at a time for him to feed himself. Much of it ends up in his lap or the floor, but he’s getting the hang of it. We’ve tried hard-boiled eggs, soft carrots, peas that I’ve squashed for him, bits of toast, small bites of pasta, small bits of cheese, and peaches and bananas (coated in crushed puffs to make them easier to pick up). I’ve also tried small bits of broccoli tots that you can find in the frozen-foods section.
  • For dinner, he has more third stage Gerber vegetable and fruit purees, and I leave puffs on the tray for him to feed himself.

I’ve seen some sample feeding schedules include snacks, but we haven’t introduced that yet. I guess I’ll need to once he’s turned one, and transitioning to whole milk?

Also, I’m starting to wonder if I need to start introducing a sippy cup for him?

If any mom’s out there can share their experiences and tips for finger foods, and transitioning to milk/sippy cups, that would be wonderful. 😊

Baby K at 10 Months

So, that’s Baby K’s progress report for now! And, as we end the year, it’s incredible to reflect on how much life has changed with Baby K. I’ve been looking at his newborn pictures so much lately, and can hardly believe how much he’s grown and changed in so short a time.

As we look to the new year and Baby K’s upcoming first birthday, I feel so excited to see what is to come.

I also wish you all a wonderful new year, filled with wonderful memories. Thank you so much for reading!

If you’re interested, you can read all about Baby K’s progress for months 1 – 5 here, month 6 here, and months 7 – 9 here.

In the meantime, take care! 🙂

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6 Months as a Stay at Home Mom

Last week marked six months since my last day of work, and my first day of being a stay at home mom. With Baby K in our lives, time has definitely taken on a new way of flying by!

A previous post of mine, 3 Stay At Home Mom Truths (From a Newbie), has been one of my more popular pins on Pinterest, so now that I’ve been at this for half a year (wow!), I decided to share three more truths that I’ve learned during my short time as a stay at home mom:

It’s a constant learning curve

With each new job I’ve ever had, I remember how those first few weeks felt like a challenge trying to learn everything so quickly. There’s a learning curve with any new job, and I’ve found this also to be true as a stay at home mom.

I tell myself that I’d feel this way even if I was working outside of the home, but one of the biggest challenges for me as a sahm is that it seems like a constantly changing learning curve.  It’s more like a “learning circle.” Just as we seem to enter into a good daily routine that works, we’re switching things up, and starting a new one.

Baby K just turned 10 months, and I’m currently trying to find a good balance between formula feeding and table foods, and the best timing between each. Also, Baby K has dropped his third nap of the day and I’m trying to figure out the best nap schedule for him. He seems to be getting very tired in the late afternoon after his second nap, which makes for crankiness when bedtime comes. And, I’m also finding that playtime needs to be more and more engaging for him as he learns so much, so fast. Baby K soaks up as much attention as we can give him.

I know that just when I start to figure how to best handle these things, we’ll be on to new challenges. Ha! 🙂

But, just like that great feeling that comes when things begin to click at a new job, and you realize you’re going to be OK? I get that, too, when seeing Baby K learn and grow. Following this constant learning curve is so rewarding in the end, and I just need to constantly remind myself of this.

It’s not my job to be Supermom

I’ve had to decide for myself that just because I don’t work outside of the home right now, that doesn’t mean it’s my job to be supermom at home. It’s just not possible for any parent (i can’t imagine that it is, anyway), and it’s better to accept that now.

I was at Target one day, looking at the baby food. I was excited to find some new purees with veggies and fruits that Baby K hadn’t tried yet. A pregnant woman and her friend were in the same aisle, scanning items for a baby registry.  The friend commented how she never bought baby food — she always made her own and it was so easy to do.

Hearing that momentarily made me feel bad that I wasn’t doing the same. I should have time for that as a sahm, right? And then I reminded myself that this one little comment alone wasn’t her entire story. Maybe she’s used to cooking all the time, and so it really was no big thing … Or, maybe she only made a limited variety of purees, and that’s all her child ever got to eat at first … I reminded myself that there is so much involved in caring for a child, and I don’t know her situation in life. But, I do know mine and also know that I’m doing my best.

I have to remember my “Reason Why”

There are pros and cons to everything, and so sometimes I wonder if Baby K would be better off at daycare. I consider my staying home with Baby K a gift of time to watch him learn and grow, and I can see that he’s thriving. But, I still wonder if he’s missing out on the advantages that come with daycare — such as regular socialization with other children and adults, a wider array of toys to play with, and the early childhood education and training that child care providers receive.

So, I think for any new parent that is facing the question of going back to work or staying home, it’s very important to hang on to your ultimate “reason why” when making your decision. In either case, there can be so many factors that add up to what the best choice is for each individual family.

In my case, I remind myself of all the benefits there are for staying home:

  • Our daily schedule is relaxed, and we can enjoy more family time together.
  • I’ve been able to care for Baby K the few times he’s been sick, without worry of taking time off of work.
  • And, it truly is a gift to be able to stay home with him.

I also use my doubts as motivation to ensure Baby K and I are getting out of the house, and attending activities for children his age.  There are story times we go to, and a Little Gym for preschoolers nearby that I want to check out. We get out and explore our little corner of the world.

Being a stay at home mom has definitely been a huge lifestyle change, and it’s one I’m still getting used to. But, it’s a change filled with joy watching my little one grow up, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As it’s my six month anniversary of being a stay at home mom, it’s also been six months since starting this blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and follow All the Days with Baby K! Please feel free to share your thoughts about this post in the comments.

In the meantime, take care 🙂


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December 2017 Goal: A Confidence Boost

“Self-doubt is real. Everyone has it. Having confidence and losing confidence is real, too, and everyone has been in that position.” — Venus Williams

December 2017 Goals:

I can’t believe we’re in the final month of 2017! How is it even possible? Within the month, I’ll get to celebrate Baby K’s first Christmas. And, within 3 months, it’ll be his first birthday. There is so much to look forward to.

But, lately, I’ve been battling a case of diminishing confidence.

A friend recently expected a little bit more of my time as a volunteer than I could commit to. I offered a few things I knew I could help with, and she asked me to help with a few more things that she thought I could help out with during Baby K’s nap time. I guess that was considerate of her? … but I already have plenty to do during nap times, and the idea that I couldn’t help out more made me feel bad. How do you convince someone who hasn’t been there that being a SAHM keeps you plenty busy?

And, I’m also struggling a bit with a changing routine of Baby K’s. I just feel thrown for a loop lately! Am I reading with him enough? Playing and talking enough? Am I doing what’s best for him in general?

We’re starting to introduce more finger foods, and I found myself wanting to cry in the bread aisle at the grocery store, trying to pick out the best bread to give Baby K for toast in the morning. … would whole wheat be too hard on his digestive system to start with? Or, would giving white bread not be as healthy? I felt so helpless being so indecisive … about bread!

baby mealtime
~ Feeding Baby K ~

And, I’m also worried about the lack of time for taking care of myself with exercise. How do other moms balance baby, work, and self-care? I can’t seem to get it together!

So! With all of this going on in my head, I decided that for December’s goal I need to focus on taking small steps towards being healthier and boosting my confidence.

I want to make a better effort at planning my time better, and being mindful about how I spend it. I’d already decided to cut down on the amount of freelance writing jobs I commit to, so I’ll free up some more time for exercising, taking care of things around the house, and hopefully spending quality time with family and friends during the holidays.

I want to focus on finding a better balance for me, and not worry about outside expectations so much. Wish me luck!

Recap: November 2017 Goals

For November’s goal, I focused on daily gratitude and everyone and everything that I have to be thankful for. My specific goal was to try the 30 Days of Thankfulness Challenge that hosted.

Here’s my recap:

Day 1: Vacation Souvenirs and the memories that come with them
Day 2: Target trips with my little cutie, Baby K 🎯
Day 3: Free bagels for a month from Panera!
Day 4: Visit with friends
Day 5: A night out at the movies 🎬(I saw Bad Moms 2 with some other fun mamas in the MOMS Club)
Day 6: A sushi lunch date with my two favorites guys (my husband and Baby K, of course!) 🍣🍣🍥
Day 7: Wine bottles with twist-off caps (from Aldi)
Day 8: Getting to watch my little guy’s curiosity in action, as he learns more and more every day
Day 9: A visit with Baby K’s great grandma and great-great-auntie
Day 10: Roadtrips! 🚗
Day 11: Veterans and their military service (to celebrate Veteran’s Day)
Day 12: Getting to visit neat places, and return to the comfort of home

~ Morning Must-Have: Coffee! ~

Day 13: Coffee! ☕️
Day 14: Tissues with lotion (as the entire family was battling colds)
Day 15: Sweet smiles from Baby K
Day 16: My 5-month anniversary of being a SAHM 🎉
Day 17: Holiday coffees
Day 18: The smell of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies 🍪
Day 19: My sweet husband
Day 20: A free Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie we received
Day 21: A fun visit with my dad on his 65th birthday
Day 22: Continuing holiday traditions, going to a Christmas tree festival 🎄
Day 23: A wonderful first Thanksgiving with Baby K
Day 24: Baby K surprised us with his new trick of pulling himself up to stand!
Day 25: Teaching Baby K how to root for his daddy’s favorite college football team
Day 26: Putting up Christmas decorations
Day 27: Cute baby outfits
Day 28: A fun lunch outing with a friend
Day 29: Visits from both of Baby K’s grandmas
Day 30: Getting belly laughs from Baby K as I read him a book 😊💕📖