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New at this

“Why can’t someone else watch him?”

The question hung there for a moment – I was unsure how to answer. Not because I didn’t know the answer, but because I wasn’t sure what would satisfy the person who asked.

I’m a new mom of a 4-month old, and I’d just told a client at my job that I was leaving to stay home with my son. It was a hard decision to make, and the honest answer of why is simply because I want to – I want to have the privilege of staying home with my son to watch him grow and learn.

It was hard to answer that question, though, because I loved my job (well, most days I loved it). I felt it was meaningful work, paid well, and had good benefits. I liked the office I worked in and enjoyed the time with my coworkers. I feel I was lucky this way. Why wouldn’t I stay?

I know many parents don’t get the choice like I had. Many parents have to go back to work. Some parents do have a choice and want to go back to work. I’d always thought I would be one of those parents, but at some point during my maternity leave, I started to wonder…

I got to spend 12 full weeks on leave to care for my son. It was hard adjusting to life with a newborn – the first few weeks especially. So much harder than I was prepared for (not that anything can really prepare a new parent for all the challenges a newborn brings). But, then it seemed to get a bit easier, little-by-little, as we settled into a routine.

Now, while I know it was so hard, I cling to all the sweet moments – it’s amazing to think how much this little person has grown and changed in just four short months.

I still struggled with the decision to stay at work or stay at home, but ultimately I knew what I had to do. I submitted my notice, and now I’m staying at home to raise my son.

I’m a bit nervous about this decision. It’s such a huge change. But, I like to look at this time I get to spend with my son as a gift. I’m so new at what this all means for my life, and unsure a lot of the time. I anticipate that routines are going to constantly be changing and I’m going to learn a lot as my little one grows. And I’ll need to find ways to find personal worth outside of a job – I didn’t know how much a job meant personal value to me until I didn’t have one anymore.

Ultimately, my hope for this blog is to preserve the memories I make during this time. Also, to share my experiences with the hope that it will help another parent out there who is perhaps new at this, too.

Eventually, I’ll go into deeper detail about the decision making process I went through and my experiences so far as a new mom. Please feel free to reach out and share your experiences, too. I welcome the feedback and discussion.

In the meantime, take care.

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A Typical Day With Baby K @ 6 Months

“Celebrate life in all its glory — challenge yourself to let the routine sing, and the new dance.” — Maximillian Degenerez

Life as a Stay at Home Mom

Being a mom is definitely something to celebrate. But, when I decided to become a stay at home mom, I was half-way terrified of what the days with Baby K would be like. I felt I was missing out on so many important moments with him by being at work, but also had fears about what life as a stay at home mom would be like.

  • Will I be bored?
  • Will I get lonely?
  • Will the days drag?
  • Will I realize very quickly that I’d made a mistake to quit?

These are the questions, among so many other “what-if-this-happens” scenarios that played in my head. As my time at work wound down during my two-weeks notice, I was dreading that I would ultimately regret my decision.

Thankfully, I don’t get lonely, and I definitely don’t get bored — well, most of the time this is true. And, while it’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and 24/7 baby-cuteness-overload, I don’t feel I made a mistake to quit my job. And, most definitely, the days truly do not drag.

Instead, I’m letting myself enjoy the challenge of adjusting to a new routine as a stay at home mom.

A Typical “E.A.S.Y.” Day With Baby K

Below is a loosely outlined “typical” day with Baby K at 6 months old. This is more a series of routines with baby, rather than a set baby schedule. The actual times of day shift from day to day, depending on Baby K’s wake up time and the duration of his naps. Each morning, mid-day, and afternoon chunk of time is usually about 3 to 4 hours long.

As you’ll notice, we tend to follow what I’ve seen on Pinterest called the EASY routine, which is:

  • Eat
  • Activities (play)
  • Sleep + You time

Baby K naturally fell into this pattern, as we’ve always just kind of gone with his flow. Our days naturally follow what is best working for him.

Mornings with Baby K

Lately, Baby K has been waking up between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m.

Either I or my husband will get Baby K a fresh diaper, while the other makes his bottle. Then, my husband will focus on getting ready for work and my full day with Baby K begins.

Once his first bottle of the day is done, we’ll play for a little bit — usually just “talking” with him and then playing with his toys on the floor or reading books.

Then, I’ll set him in his Pack n Play with a few toys, and I’ll get a quick shower.

Before his first nap of the day, we’ll play with toys for a little bit more, do tummy time, or go for a walk in the neighborhood.

His first nap is usually about two hours after he first woke up (so, around 9:30 a.m.). Some days, though, we’ll try to make it to a morning MOMS Club meet up, depending on the time it’s scheduled. In that case, his nap is a little bit delayed.

This first nap can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

Middays with Baby K

Once Baby K wakes up from his first nap, it’s usually pretty close to time for his next bottle.

After that is usually when we get out of the house to run errands or go for a walk at the park — or make it to a MOMS Club meet up if one is scheduled. On Tuesdays, I’ve been trying to make it to the baby story times at our local library.

Once back home, it’s usually time for Baby K’s second nap of the day, and this one usually lasts a bit longer at around 2 hours. During this time, I do a lot of chores around the house, and work on freelance writing jobs or this blog (I’m typing this as I watch, via our video baby monitor, Baby K nap in his crib!).

Afternoons with Baby K

Once Baby K wakes up from his second nap of the day, our afternoon looks a lot like our morning, minus the shower. In place of that, I’ll be working around the house a bit more on household stuff — usually finishing up chores from earlier, such as putting away dishes or folding laundry while Baby K plays nearby.

He’ll then take his last nap of the day before my husband gets home from work.

Evenings with Baby K

In the evenings, my husband and I take turns keeping Baby K entertained until it’s time for his last bottle of the day (during this time we also make and eat dinner).

Currently, we wait about an hour after his bottle to try a new pureed foods. (Note: So far we’ve only tried green beans, peas, and carrots. We’re introducing a new food every three days, and squash is next on the list. We’re working up to giving pureed foods at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Baby K has done well with the new foods so far, but I think he’s still adjusting to having something other than his bottle.)

After his bottle/pureed food is done, we turn down the lights to start his bedtime routine. During this time, we play a little bit more with Baby K or there is bath time on occasional evenings.

Then, eventually it’s time for Baby K’s bed time — usually around 8:30 or so.

So, that’s it: Our daily baby routine in a nutshell.

Currently, Baby K is drinking four bottles of about 7 oz each. And, I’m expecting that we’ll be dropping a nap in the near future, based on sleep routine information that I’ve read.

It’ll be interesting to see how this routine changes over time — especially as Baby K gets more mobile!

Let’s hear from you!

For other parents of similarly-aged babies out there, does this pretty much resemble your schedule? Or, does it look completely different? For those who have older babies, how has your routine changed over time? Share with me in the comments!

For next week’s post, I’ll share Baby K’s six-month progress report, full of the favorite toys, activities, and developmental milestone we’re experiencing right now.

In the meantime, take care! 🙂

Staying Motivated: September Goals

“The fact that you aren’t where you want to be should be enough motivation”

With Baby K just days or weeks away from crawling, It’s becoming more real that I’ll be chasing my little guy around before I know it. I want to make sure I can keep up with him when he does!

And, thankfully, at six months postpartum I am finally staring to notice that my mind is a little less … sloggy? It’s almost like there has been an internal clearing of the skies for me, and I feel so much more energized and a bit more confident in this new life as a mom. Perfect timing!

Given all of this, I know that Baby K deserves a healthy mama — both physically and mentally. So, with that I’ve decided to put down some monthly goals to keep up the progress.

goal setting | mom motivation | parenting | stay at home mom | sahm | baby weight | unplug | mindful
With Baby K just days or weeks away from crawling, It’s becoming more real that I’ll be chasing my little guy around before I know it. I want to make sure I can keep up with him when he does! He deserves a healthy mama — both physically and mentally. So, with that I’ve decided to put down some monthly goals.

September 2017 Goals:

1. Baby Weight, Be Gone!

I’ve read that it takes nine months to put on baby weight, so one should expect it takes that much time to lose it. But after losing 25 pounds post-pregnancy, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve lost the baby weight. It’s the remaining I-ate-too-much-during-pregnancy pounds that are still sticking around. And, it feels pretty terrible.
As it’s now been six months, it’s definitely time to get serious about losing this extra weight. To start out, this month I’ll aim for:

  • Healthier meal planing, with a focus on reducing calories and junk food
  • Continued daily stroller walks, building up to longer and faster walks
  • Moving more during Baby K’s naps — cleaning, quiet exercise, stretching, or yoga

2. Unplug during the day

While I know I need a few mental breaks throughout the day, I do find myself staring at my phone too much. Honestly, like, a lot too much. And it’s a little heartbreaking when I look up to see Baby K watching me as a stare down at my phone, browsing whatever site I happen to be looking at during that moment.
I do wonder what Baby K’s life as a child will be like, with too much screen time, ever-present social media, all the selfies (ugh! soooo many selfies), and five-year-olds knowing how to work phones and tablets better than I do. And, then I think about the example I’ll be setting for Baby K in these areas. So, this month I’ll aim for:

  • Mindful phone use — for when and how often I’m using my phone
  • Being intentional about how I spend quality time with Baby K
  • Reading an actual book or magazine, instead of reaching for the phone, when I get a quiet moment to myself

3. Create a professional writing portfolio

During the past two months as a stay at home mom, I’ve had some luck with working from home. I’ve picked up a few freelance jobs for writing articles, and I’m beyond excited about this. But, to get more work and better paying jobs, I must invest some time to work on a professional writing portfolio. This month I’ll aim to:

  • Compile writing samples from previous jobs
  • Research creative writing portfolio examples
  • Create a writing portfolio I can be proud of!

Wish me luck!

Do you share any of these same types of struggles? Are there any other difficulties you’ve had as a new parent, and ways you’ve found to motivate yourself to make them less of a challenge?

Please feel free to share any tips or encouragement — I find it always helps when we can cheer each other on.

In the meantime, take care. 🙂




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Baby K’s First Trip to the Library + Our 3 Favorite Board Books

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.”Maya Angelou

This week was truly great, as Baby K went on his very first trip to the library!

When I was pregnant with Baby K, one of the things I most looked forward to was sharing my love of reading with him. I couldn’t wait to start a collection of baby books to read to him. The very first book I bought him was Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram. We even included a picture of that book in our pregnancy announcement.

baby announcement | baby books | baby activities | stay at home mom | library | reading | new mom | literacy | board books | newborn essentials
~ Our baby announcement ~

So, when I recently found out that a local library hosts a weekly “lap-sit story time” for babies, I was so excited to take Baby K.

A Love of Reading

My love of reading began with the Baby-sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin. I loved those books, and could hardly do anything else until I’d read each one straight through. Then I’d have to anxiously wait for the next one to come out.

I also have great memories of writing for the Young Authors program and picking out new books for free, thanks to the Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program, each year of elementary school.

When Baby K was a newborn, a friend clued me in about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which provides books for young readers, and I immediately signed him up for that. And as Baby K gets older, I look forward to visiting Little Free Libraries with him in our neighborhood (I want to start one of my own, too, which will be a project in the future).

Our Trip to the Library

We’ve done quite a bit of reading at home so far. He is just now starting to have the attention span to sit in my lap while we read a book. Before that, I would lay down on the floor beside him, and hold a book up in the air for him to see.

The idea of a weekly story time at the library, though, greatly helps calm some of my stay-at-home-mom worry about baby-friendly activities to do — especially during the wintertime, which will be here all too soon. I’ve mentioned before that it’s so important to me to get out of the house as much as possible, and activities like this will also give Baby K the opportunity to be around other littles his age.

Thankfully, the library schedules two different story times, and we were able to make it to the second one. Success! … because trying to get anywhere with a baby — on time, no less — can be difficult when working with nap and feeding times. But we made it! To get there on time, I packed a bottle to give him when we got there. But, he was so interested in everything going on around him, he barely acknowledged his bottle. That never happens!

Story Time Details

The library has been working their way through the alphabet for each week’s story theme. This week they were on the letter “G,” so we were treated to a reading of books about a garbage collector, a silly giraffe, shopping for groceries, and a magical garden. Songs were sung, and Ring Around the Rosie was played (well, for the kiddos that can stand!). Baby K’s smile and squeals told me that he loved hearing me sing the new-to-him songs, and watching all of the fun being had.

At six months old, mine was one of the younger babies in attendance, and I was a little afraid that he might become overwhelmed by everything going on. But, he looooved every second of it! And, this mama had so much fun watching him enjoy. He was fascinated by the animated storytelling, and all of the other babies around him.

The entire program lasted about 25 minutes — just perfect for a baby’s attention span (and honestly, just perfect for my baby-brain, too, at this point!).

Our Three Favorite Board Books

Please note: The following contains affiliate links. I may receive a small amount if you make a purchase using the link in the text or photos. Any link included is for a product I have used and recommend.

We’ve started quite the collection of children’s books for Baby K, and there are a few favorite board books we have so far. These are our current three favorites:

  1. Little Elliot, Big City

    This book has the cutest illustrations and sweetest story about friendship and helping each other, amidst a quest for a cupcake in the big city. The story about this little elephant and his mouse friend is so adorable, and I hope more Little Elliot books will be published in the future.


  2.  Baby Touch and Feel: Numbers (Baby Touch & Feel)

    This book has bright images that capture Baby K’s attention each time. We love counting along and describing each of the pictures to him. We haven’t paid much attention to the textured parts of the book yet, but I expect he will as he gets older.


  3. Welcome Little One

    This one is a definite keepsake. The book itself is filled with large, colorful pictures, and has a poem to welcome your little one that you will treasure reading to them. There are also spaces included to fill in personal birth-story details.

I can’t wait to work our way though the rest of our collection of baby books. And, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the local libraries in your area to see if they have story time or other programs for babies.

Do you have a favorite book that you love to read to your child? Any favorites you remember from your own childhood? What are some of the ways you’ve found for encouraging your child to read? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and feel free to like and follow my page to learn more about All the Days with Baby K!

In the meantime, happy reading and take care! 🙂

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3 Stay At Home Mom Truths (From a Newbie)

Well, Baby K turns six months old this week, and it’s been two entire months since I started staying at home with him full-time. The time is definitely NOT slowing down.

The fact that time is flying, though, reinforces one of the biggest reasons I made the decision to quit my job (which is still scary to think about!) and spend all my days with Baby K: Getting to spend so much precious time with my baby.

And, I’m finding that the “stay-at-home” part hasn’t been too bad. I’ve always been someone who needed to get up and out of the house every day, so feeling cooped-up was one of the biggest anxieties I had about being a stay at home mom.

But while I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how OK I’ve been doing so far, there have been several truths I’ve learned in these first two months:

1. Pinterest will always be a fantasy

I knew from my maternity leave experience that being a stay at home mom wasn’t going to be the fantasy lifestyle that it’s sometime portrayed to be. But, I did look forward to at least making use of all those yummy-looking meal ideas I’d been saving to my Pinterest boards, never to look at again. I’d thought to myself: Our family will finally have time for all those exotic and delicious homemade meals that take all day to make and we never had time for before! Yay! Well, I was so wrong. There is still no time for all of that. Whether it’s outfit ideas, “easy” gourmet meals, or the ultimate stay-at-home-mom schedule, Pinterest will always be a fantasy — at least for the time being, it seems to have remained so for us. But, that hasn’t stopped me from pinning ALL the first birthday party themes for Baby K, though. Maybe it’s the fantasy part that makes Pinterest so fun.

2. Budgeting is hard – but worth it!

Running out for small errands to get out of the house each day, I tend to spend extra money with it. Coffee is my biggest splurge, and those few dollars here and there really add up! To get by on a single income, we’re doing well in cutting spending in several places. We’ve been doing obvious things like planning groceries better, using coupons, and not eating out as often. And, I recently had my first-ever experience with at-home hair coloring to help extend salon appointments. I’m happy to report it didn’t turn out too bad! But, I think I need to go a few days here and there without spending money on gourmet coffee. So hard! — but, making coffee at home and exploring the wide variety of flavored creamers from the grocery store is helping me out a bit. 🙂

3. “The grass is greener” thoughts come and go

I have to keep reminding myself that whether I had kept working or not, I’d have “grass is greener on the other side” type thoughts no matter what. Now that I’m staying home — especially on the days that Baby K is having a difficult time — it’s easy to think it would be nice to have my old job back, with solitude at my desk, a pretty window view, and co-workers to chat with. But then I remind myself that my job could be demanding, too, and I barely had time to enjoy that window view. And, most importantly, I’d be missing Baby K fiercely while sitting at that desk or chatting with co-workers. Baby K is, by far, the best boss I’ve ever had! And, while a few minutes with a peaceful window view would be nice, it’s been so fun viewing the world instead through Baby K’s eyes.

So, those are my three truths so far as a stay at home mom. I know that there are many more lessons coming, as well as things I need to intentionally learn, too. But so far, all the days with Baby K have been the absolute best adventure I could have ever hoped for.

I guess with that, there is also a 4th truth that I’ve learned: I’m so thankful for this unexpected journey called being a stay at home mom.

Six Months of Sleep: And, We’re Rolling!

It’s an exciting time for our family as we near Baby K’s six-month birthday next week: Baby K has started rolling!

six months old | rolling over | baby sleep | infant sleep | crib transition | pack n play | bassinet | sleep routine | newborn
~ Six Months of Sleep ~

While exciting, this also means new challenges and routines — specifically a new sleep routine.

Sleep Routine

Our actual baby sleep routine at night can’t get any more low-key:

  1. We turn down the lights during Baby K’s last bottle of the day.
  2. Then, we let him play for a bit.
  3. Finally, when it’s time for bed, we carry him to the bedroom, saying “Good night, toy friends!” “Good night, living room!” on the way.

And, that’s it — pretty sweet and simple, right?

But, we started this week waking up to find Baby K rolled over, sleeping on his tummy. Baby K has rolled a few times during the past few months, but never intentionally. So, this has given us a new challenge to what has already been one of the most challenging of newborn-related challenges: Sleep.

The thought of Baby K sleeping on his tummy scares me a bit. From what I’ve read, as long as we’re putting him to bed on his back, it’s OK if he rolls over on his own. But, as of this week, he’d been sleeping in his Pack ‘n Play bassinet. Neither my husband nor I like the idea of him turning in such a confined space, so we decided to transition him to his crib in his own room.

Sleep Transitions

The transition to his crib and his own room is a bit earlier than we had planned to start. At our four-month wellness appointment, our pediatrician mentioned that, in the past, she advised parents to transition babies into their own room at around four months old. But, with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations on safe sleep and room-sharing, she now recommends doing so closer to six months.

This will be the latest in a series of nighttime sleeping transitions during these short 5+ months with our little guy. The transitions so far have gone something like this:

  1. Rocking and holding during sleep for the first few weeks
    We would take shifts during the night to hold Baby K in our arms — the ONLY way he would sleep. Those first few weeks home, I dreaded night time. I was so scared of falling asleep while holding him, and dropping him. I would position myself in the rocking chair the safest I could to avoid him rolling out of my lap if I fell asleep. Needless to say, we were desperate for a better way.
  2. Co-sleeper in our bed + swaddled with one arm out
    Enter, the co-sleeper.  This saved my sanity, as Baby K would finally sleep in his own “bed.” We started swaddling, too, and started with one arm left out, as he resisted being swaddled at first. Then, we eventually swaddled both arms. This worked so well. And we were finally getting at least a little sleep!
  3. Co-sleeper transitioned inside the Pack ‘n Play bassinet
    We later put the co-sleeper inside the Pack ‘n Play, which was pulled up right beside our bed. We continued to swaddle both arms in. We only did this for a few weeks before moving on to:
  4. Sleeping in just the Pack ‘n Play bassinet
    Once he first rolled on his own while doing tummy time, we moved Baby K to sleeping in the Pack ‘n Play bassinet part all by itself. So that he would have an arm free if he rolled over, we started swaddling with one arm out for a few days, and then switched to both arms free (so only his legs were in a swaddle at that point).
  5. Transitioning to crib in own room
    Finally, a few weeks ago we moved the Pack ‘n Play farther away from our bed and dropped the swaddle entirely. This was done in preparation of transitioning him to his own room, so I’m glad we’d already started preparing for that.

Other than sleeping in his Pack ‘n Play bassinet, none of these situations are recommended by experts as “safe sleep.” But, as parents, we’ve just been doing the best we can manage along the way. I guess you could say we weighed the safety risks of these sleeping arrangements against the safety risks of not getting any sleep at night. I admit, I seem to always be second guessing myself.

… Anyway, it went well the first night Baby K slept in his crib. He rolled a few times, and would cry to have us roll him back over. (He’s doing great at getting from his back to tummy, but struggles to intentionally get from tummy to back!) But, other than that, he didn’t seem phased at all by sleeping in a different room or his crib. So far, it’s a success.

If you’re wondering about daytime naps … well, that’s an all-together different story, and one for another day.

In the meantime, take care.


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Stress Reset: Quotes to Calm the Mind

“In quoting others, we cite ourselves.” ― Julio Cortázar

I’ve noticed during the past few weeks that if I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just altogether negative, I’ve been able to stop and say to myself: “reset.”

Thankfully, this one little word “reset” has helped me take a breath and reframe my thoughts into ones that are a bit more positive.

Baby K is starting a phase where he’s clingy and wants to know where I or my husband are at all times. This can feel overwhelming during the day when I need to leave a room for a moment.

And, as a new stay at home mom,  I know that quiet times to myself are going to be fewer and farther between than in the past. But, I also know I’m only human, and it takes a toll on my mood when I don’t get as much peace as I need.

Spending all my days with Baby K is such a privilege, though, and I don’t want to waste them feeling drained. Bringing to mind calming words has helped me stay positive in a way that relies only on myself.

10 Quotes to Calm the Mind

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite quotes to share, in hopes they can bring calm to other parents who may need it:

  1. “Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can.” Pinterest
  2. “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” ―  C. S. Lewis
  3. “Stay close to people who feel like sunlight” ―  Pinterest
  4. “Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out.” ― Gordon B. Hinckley
  5. “Some days I need the music and some days I need the lyrics. ―  ” Pinterest
  6. “Wherever you are, be all there.” ― Jim Elliot
  7. “When you think positive, good things happen.” ― Matt Kemp
  8. “Where Attention goes Energy flows; Where Intention goes Energy flows!” ― James Redfield

  9. “Some days you have to create your own sunshine” ― Pinterest
  10. “Keep looking up, that’s the secret of life.” ― Peanuts

I’d love to hear from you! Do you have a favorite quote to boost your mood? Or any other tips to stop negative thoughts from taking over your day? Please share them in the comments below.

I’ve also started a new Pinterest board called “Words to Reset” to collect calming quotes. I would love it if you’d join me there — just comment below and follow the board, and I’ll add you as a board contributor: https://www.pinterest.com/allthedayswithbabyk/words-to-reset/ 

Until next time, take care.

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Baby Minimalism: the diaper station

“You don’t need more space. You need less stuff.”  ― Joshua Becker

Any living space can start to feel on the small size once you add baby gear to the mix. So, when it came time to set up the nursery for Baby K, I knew I wanted to try a bit of minimalism with what we brought into our home. One baby item I knew my husband and I could live without was a diaper changing table.

Please note: The following contains affiliate links. I may receive a small amount if you make a purchase using the link in the text or photos. Any link included is for a product I have used and recommend.

Diaper Changing Station

Instead, we make the most of a small area of our living room with a diaper changing station, set up for changing diapers on the floor. In our diaper changing station, we have:

  • A waterproof changing pad (plus backups on-hand)
  • diapers
  • diaper wipes
  • diaper cream (we like the Up&Up creamy diaper rash ointment from Target)
  • hand sanitizer
  • and a small towel to cover little one while the diaper cream dries (to avoid getting peed on!). We sometimes use a small burp cloth in a pinch, too!

We keep all of these items in a nice looking storage bin in our living room. This system has worked well for us — especially lately, as Baby K has become quite the little wiggle-worm! I can’t imagine trying to keep him still atop a wobbly diaper changing table!

diaper caddy | diaper station | checklist | diaper duty

To be honest, though, I will say that during those first few days home, there were soooo many diapers to change that we almost did buy a changing table. It would have been much easier on our backs at the time. In the end, though, I’m glad we didn’t purchase one, as we’ve gotten along fine without.

With all that said, though, these same items will still come in handy if you do plan to use a diaper changing table.

Diaper and Feeding Log

One other item that came in super-handy for my husband and I when Baby K was a newborn is a diaper and feeding log. I’ve included a free printable version of the diaper and feeding log that we designed and used for Baby K — one for formula/bottle feeding to record ounces or milliliters and one for breastfeeding (links below):

diaper log | feeding log | baby tracker | printable

Each day was such a blur, it was hard to keep track of what we did when. We referred back to the diaper change/feeding log often. This log also helped when we were at our pediatrician appointments to answer the questions about frequency of feeding and diaper changes.

The printed version worked well for my husband and I to make notes, but there also are apps to track diaper changes and feedings that can be downloaded to your phone. Just search your phone’s app store for “diaper log,” “feeding log,” or “baby tracker.”

Let’s hear from you!

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